Repairing the pier after Hurrican Hugo / Owner Bryan Devereux 

A pier of one sort or another has been a part of this oceanfront location since 1926. The current pier originally opened as a night club and a late night dinner venue in 1984. However, Pier 14 under that concept did not take off as suspected. Upon the arrival of Bryan Devereux (current owner) in 1986, our focus changed to a concept of food and beverage.

In 1984, when Pier 14 was rebuilt, it was approved by the Corps of Engineers and given a 25 year life span. In September of 1989 Hurrican Hugo did its best to shorten that life span, however Pier 14 refused to buckle. Some of the damages sustained included the loss of the front ramp leading to the restaurant and the complete loss of the actual pierthat extended more than 90 feet beyond the restaurant over the ocean. The restaurant portion remained in tact. In fact, it was one of the only piers to survive Hugo's force. Pier 14 was closed for 5 months due to Hugo.

Repairs were made and the pier reopened in March of 1990, minus an extending pier. By fall of 1991 Pier 14 additions included a new fishing pier, the bait and tackle shop next door, and the outside deck on the south side. In 1993 the restaurant was renovated inside and still stands as is to this day, although each winter it undergoes minor remodeling.


Reservations taken for parties of 10 or more.
1306 North Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577    
restaurant : 843-448-4314  pier & gift shop: 843-448-6500
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